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Niagara County, NY is a great place to raise a family. From the rolling fields and orchards of the more rural areas of the county to the wonders of Niagara Falls and the historic locks on the Erie Canal, there’s always someplace fun or educational to visit with the kids. The county is also home to many great school districts as well as several charming small towns.

Of course, in Niagara County as in other places, sometimes families need a little extra help, especially when dealing with thorny issues like child custody and support. That is where the attorneys at Muscato & Shatkin LLP come in. As experienced divorce and family law attorneys, we have years of experience helping families in Niagara County work through difficult issues. Our team is here to help your family, too.

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At Muscato & Shatkin LLP, we take pride in helping clients with a wide range of issues stretching far beyond family law. We can serve as a personal injury attorney if you or a loved one is ever hurt by someone else’s negligence. We represent clients in DWI and criminal cases. We assist with wills and estates. We can even help with real estate transactions if you’re buying or selling property anywhere in Niagara County.

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