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Accident/Personal Injury Attorney
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The most important action to take when you or a loved one has been injured is to retain an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible to protect you! There are time limits on when you are able to bring your case, so timely filing is of the utmost importance. Whether the injury is caused by a slip and fall, automobile accident, or other negligence, the personal injury attorneys at Muscato & Shatkin LLP will work to make you whole!

Don’t lose another night’s sleep. If you believe you were injured due to someone else's negligence, please contact our Buffalo, NY office to schedule a consultation with a member of our team today! Our personal injury attorneys are proud to have worked with clients throughout West Seneca, NY; Cheektowaga, NY; Hamburg, NY; Orchard Park, NY; Tonawanda, NY; and Lancaster, NY for over 15 years.

Our Personal Injury Attorney Will Work with You

Our personal injury attorney understands just how daunting the personal injury lawsuit process can be. Luckily, at Muscato & Shatkin LLP, we’re here to guide you through the process. First and foremost, it’s important to determine if you actually have a personal injury case. To be considered a personal injury case, you must have suffered an injury to your person or property, and you should consider whether your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence. It’s important to note that it’s not always necessary to have a physical injury to bring a personal injury lawsuit.

After you suffer a personal injury or accident, speak to our personal injury attorney as soon as you receive or discover an injury. Every state has certain time limits called “statutes of limitations” which govern the amount of time you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you miss the deadline for filing your case, your claims can be up for dismissal. When you’re ready to file your lawsuit, provide your attorney with any documents that you might deem relevant to your case, including police reports, eyewitness information, and any other additional details about the conditions surrounding the auto accident. Copies of medical reports and bills from your doctor or hospital visits will help demonstrate the extent and nature of your injuries. Any insurance information and photographs of your accident, injury, and property damage are also helpful to your case. The more information you are able to give your personal injury attorney, the easier it will be for them to determine the success of your claim. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in the greater Hamburg, Lancaster, Orchard Park, or Tonawanda, NY area.

What is Negligence?

A person is considered to be negligent when they fail to act like the standard “ordinary reasonable person,” which is typically determined after the presentation of evidence at the time of the case trial. If you can’t prove someone’s negligence caused your injury, there is still a chance that they can be held liable. The person or company engaged in dangerous activities including explosives, dangerous substances, and dangerous animals can be held liable and accountable, since these activities pose an undue risk of harm to members of the surrounding community. Our experienced personal injury attorneys assist clients throughout Hamburg, Lancaster, Orchard Park, Tonawanda, and the surrounding areas of WNY with negligence cases as well.